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Dedicated to all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving Camden County. We will never forget. fawn:In memory of Myrtle Dutton Joseph. Let her memory be a blessing. Eric:In memory of the NYPD officers that passed away recently Karen:In Memory of Stephen Edward Skipton Sr. Janine:In memory of Steve Skipton, beloved husband and father, Firefighter and EMT Kelly:In memory of Stephen E Skipton Agripino:Steve Skipton, Camden EMS, GCFD Steve:n/a Rich:Thank you Robert:PENN Capital Paulo:Etalvina Moitoza

  • Camden County Hero Scholarship Fund

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    The purpose of our organization is to render financial and educational assistance to the surviving spouse and children who are left with little or no support, when a law enforcement officer, firefighter or emergency medical person loses his/her life or is totally and permanently disabled in the line of duty.

    Also providing:

    • Annual Merit Scholarships
    • Valor Recognition
    • Remembrance

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